Bose Lifestyle 48 and the Bose Link AL8

The first question that everyone wants to know the truthful answer about…can you really hear the difference?As you can imagine, if you spend enough money on something, then yes, you will definitely be able to head the difference, and be able to tell every visitor that its the best audio purchase you’ve ever made. However, Bose offers anyone the opportunity to readily hear the apparent quality of the sound produced by their speakers and I can say, it was not the brand, not the price, not the image that sold it to me, but that very sound.So yes, it worked- I went to the store, heard the sound and bought the kit – with the wireless multiroom too, and here is my reviewThe Lifestyle 48 system is feature packed with five directional satellite speakers, a DVD slot and a sound setup optimisation system which will allow for users to set up their speakers in the best possible way for their rooms.Setup takes a little patience, reading the manual doesn’t really help and it tends to lead to a setup which is less than successful in most cases for adjustments in tone and speaker placement. However, once you get it right, the results are amazing!!The kit definitely has a lot of umphh, the bass production is incredible, it take seriously shake the sofa if required. Getting an overall good balance takes some tweaking but once done, the end result is mind-blowing.I would recommend this kit to anyone. As for the wireless system- took literally minutes to install- there is an update CD too which takes about 30seconds to perform and worked flawlessly. The Lifestyle has a two channel audio system so its able to stream two different sources at a time. Any of up to 7 wireless receivers can pick up any of the two streams. Great sound, even when wireless- truly astounding.Strengths:
Very real sound
No distortion
Crisp Sound
Can store and rip music (as well as FM etc.)
Wireless linkWeaknesses:
Even a PS3 makes for a better DVD player

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